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This is a Test


It’s been so long since I’ve posted to my website, I figure I’d throw up a test photo and quick message.

This will be my third Winter at McMurdo Station. The first one I went crazy (2003), the second one I stayed sane (2006) and I’m hoping this third one puts me on the 66 and 2/3-percent side of sanity. Only time will tell on that one.

I’ve Wintered as a dishwasher and in Supply, and since last writing about my Antarctica Career path, I’ve also been a Fuelie during a couple of summers.

The people in Supply called me a traitor when I changed jobs to Fuels and the Fuelies thought the Supply people were petty. When I took my new job to work in the Comms shop for this Winter, I was strung up like Benedict Arnold and branded as a traitor of the Fuels department, too.

Then I got invited to the Fuelie end of season party, so I guess all of those fumes they huff makes it so they have short term memories.

The photo up above is one of the views from my new office. It over looks the Royal Society Mountains and the currently-unfrozen Ross Sea. During my last two Winters, this water was always frozen. I have seen whales and seals from my office window. Repeat: I have seen whales and seals from my office window. I love my new job.

Okay, so ends the test of this blog update, and so begins the test of The Winter 2013—Sane or Insane—place your bets.

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