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Storm’s a Brewing

The last flight left after it had nearly one week of mechanical and weather delays. I’m not an airplane mechanic, so I don’t know what happened with its struts, flappers or flux capacitors to cause the delay. I’m also not a weatherman, but on the day the flight was delayed—due to weather—it was one of the most beautiful days in March I’ve seen in McMurdo. I guess even Willard Scott and Al Roker got it wrong sometimes.

That being said, once the plane took off, we had a champagne toast on the back deck of the Chalet to kick off our Winter. The thought being, “If we ply them with alcohol, maybe they won’t notice that they’re more stranded than Gilligan, the Skipper, The Millionaire and even his Wife.”

This is my buddy Storm. Very few people know his real name, because “Storm” is who he is. He’s a chump when it comes to cribbage, but he’s the 2nd best cribbage player this continent has to offer this Winter. I have a feeling, that without even one minute of sunshine this Winter, I will have a tan line on my wrist from “The Cribbage Champ” bracelet.

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