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I’m no Hero or Weatherman


This morning when I opened the door to my building, the fire alarm was sounding and I ran around looking, hoping and wishing that I could find the fire. Not to be a hero to save the building from burning; I wanted to find some heat.

Right now there is a 90.7 degree difference between the temperature outside and the temperature in my office. If the temperature outside was 50 degrees that would mean it would be 140.7 degrees at my desk. That’s the kind of heat I was hoping for when I thought the building was on fire.

Instead, when I walked to work this morning it was minus 34.7 outside, and I came inside to a chilly welcome of 56 degrees. The windows are a pain in keeping out the breeze and the doors seem to be thinking, “The half of me that is facing the outside is jealous of the half that is working on the inside.” So the passive aggressive “outside half” is letting in enough of the cold air to remind the “inside half” that it is taking the whole brunt of the weather today.

The door is like two siblings fighting over household chores and the outside half knows it got screwed. It’s outside picking up the dog shit, while the inside half is helping mom make chocolate chip cookies.

Or, something like that. Shit, I don’t know? By the time a thought leaves my brain and travels to my frozen fingers on the keyboard there is some eloquence lost in translation.

Weather today: Cold
Outlook for Tomorrow: More Cold

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