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How To Do Everything

Location. Location. Location. Or, in my case, the setting, I suppose.

The things that I do in Antarctica are pretty similar to what any one else is doing wherever they’re living, the only difference is my location.

Last night there was live music in McMurdo, karaoke, dancing and I went to the bathroom.

I can guarantee that somewhere in Virginia, Utah or Nebraska somebody danced, sang Karaoke and then went to the bathroom. The only difference was I did these things in Antarctica and, because of location, location, location one of these topics was interesting enough for me to get interviewed for the podcast “How to do Everything.”

I can tell you this much: “How to do Everything” doesn’t care how we dance down here nor did they want to hear my version of “Pour Some Sugar on Me.” They wanted to know about that toilet that I wrote about a couple of weeks ago.

My interview is at the end of their podcast. Click on this episode to listen:

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